Impact Iceland


Crowdfunded “Impact Iceland 2016” conference will prove that businesses can be mission focused and profitable


Reykjavik, Iceland (DATE) Impact Iceland, the first annual conference on social entrepreneurship and social innovation, produced by social enterprise non-profit Kveikja, will be held in the Grand Hotel Reykjavik on 16 September 2016. This is the first conference of its kind in Iceland.


The main purpose of the conference is to raise awareness of and highlight the benefits that social entrepreneurship can provide to society. Social entrepreneurship is growing in Iceland. The conference will feature current social innovation projects and present concepts for creating a support network to enable social entrepreneurs to thrive for society’s benefit.


To further its message of developing a network of community support, the Impact Iceland conference is utilising crowdfunding platform Karolina Fund, where tickets to the event are exclusively available until the campaign ends on 8 August 2016.


“The Impact Iceland conference will bring together people who believe in the power of combining social innovation and entrepreneurship as a force for good in Iceland, including government, municipality, academia, social entrepreneurs and companies with strong focus on developing CSR (corporate social responsibility) policies. The conference is a platform to influence the future of social entrepreneurship in Iceland and its impact globally,” says Tanja Wohlrab-Ryan, the CEO of Kveikja and an active social entrepreneurship promoter in Iceland.


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About Kveikja

Kveikja is the leading authority on social entrepreneurship in Iceland providing education, support and development. Kveikja, félagsamstök is a non-profit organization founded in July 2015, formed from the “Social Enterprise Iceland / samfélagsleg frumkvöðlastarfsemi á Íslandi” project founded in 2013. The Impact Iceland conference is organized by Kveikja. To learn more, visit



Fact sheet:

Organizations founded on the principles of social entrepreneurship (social enterprise) are non-government organizations, that have a clear social and/or environmental mission with majority of its activity aimed at accomplishing its mission. A social enterprise aims to be sustainable through income generating trade and commits a majority of its profits to its mission.


[Félög sem teljist til samfélagslegrar frumkvöðlastarfsemi eru óháð ríki og hafa skýr samfélagsleg og/eða umhverfis sjónarmið að leiðarljósi í samþykktum félags og öðrum helstu gögnum. Þau miða að því að verða sjálfbær með því að afla tekna í gegnum viðskipti og endurfjárfesta meirihluta hagnaðar síns í félaginu og þeim samfélags og/eða umhverfis sjónarmiðum sem félagið stendur fyrir.]


Media and event Contacts:

(English) Tanja: / (GSM) 7750531

(Icelandic) Brandur / (GSM) 7700221